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What subjects can I study?

No matter what you're passionate about, the UK is a fantastic place to pursue your interest. UK universities offer a diverse range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Explore some of the subjects most popular with our international students below.

If you know what you'd like to study, you can use our course finder to find the right course for you.

Study accounting and finance in the UK

If you have a talent for numbers, you'll find the best possible accounting and finance courses in the UK.

Study agriculture and related sciences in the UK

If you’re passionate about the future of farming, your career will have the best possible chance to flourish in the UK.

Study artificial intelligence and robotics in the UK

Study artificial intelligence and robotics in the UK for the best possible start to your career in automation.

Study architecture, building and planning in the UK

Study architecture in the UK to build a truly successful career. Learn more about the courses available in UK universities.

Study art and design in the UK

If you want to become a fine artist or a graphic designer, you’ll find the best possible teaching, facilities and inspiration in the UK.

Study business in the UK

If you have big plans for a career in business, you’ll find the UK one of the best possible places to get the preparation you need.

Study computer science in the UK

The UK has a long history of innovation in computer science, and you’ll find some of the best possible teaching in the world right here.

Study creative arts in the UK

If you want to study creative arts, the UK really is the best possible place to spark your imagination and your career.

Study cyber security in the UK

If you’ve got a passion for cyber security a UK degree will give you the skills you need to step into the frontlines of the digital information war.

Study economics in the UK

If you want to understand how – and why – money makes the world go round, there’s no better place to start your studies and give your career a kick-start.

Study engineering in the UK

UK engineering graduates are as high in demand as ever, thanks to our world-class universities and world-famous culture of innovation.

Study environmental engineering in the UK

If you’re looking for a way to use your engineering expertise to make a big difference to our planet, then a UK degree in environmental engineering is for you.

Study gaming in the UK

If you want to make an impact in gaming, you can give your career the best possible start right here in the UK.

Study hospitality, leisure and tourism in the UK

Studying hospitality, leisure and tourism can lead to a truly international career, and the UK offers one of the very best possible destinations to do it.

Study international relations and development studies in the UK

Are you passionate about making a positive contribution to global affairs? Find out more about studying development studies or international relations.

Study law in the UK

If you want a career in law, the UK has everything you need for a flying start.

Study marketing in the UK

If you want to forecast emerging trends, shape extraordinary customer experiences and drive sales, you’ll be in good company in the UK.

Study medicine in the UK

If you’re planning to study medicine, the UK is the ideal place to start.

Study nursing in the UK

If you want a bright career in nursing that’s truly ambitious and right at the cutting edge of care, the UK is the best possible place to get a head start.

Study peace and conflict studies in the UK

If you want to make a positive impact on the world, peace and conflict studies can provide a gateway into a range of international careers.

Study political science in the UK

If you want the skills, the knowledge and the analytical mindset to be successful in any political setting, the UK is the best possible place to acquire them.

Study psychology in the UK

If you’re fascinated by the way people think and behave, you’ll get the best possible window into human psychology in the UK.

Study science and technology in the UK

If you’re excited by the extraordinary things you could achieve with a science and technology career, you’ll find the best possible starting point in the UK.

Study sociology in the UK

If you’re fascinated by social behaviour and the huge field of research dedicated to understanding it, the UK is the best possible place to immerse yourself.

Study sport in the UK

With some of the best sports programmes in the world, we’re the best possible place to start your sporting career.

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