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A guide to Liverpool for UK students

From listening to live music at The Cavern Club to art gallery hopping or boat tripping on the Mersey, Liverpool has a lot to offer students. Get started with our guide.

From teacher to student: returning to higher education to study my dream course

GREAT scholar Nasrin talks about exploring London, attending Notting Hill Carnival and finding a balance between her studies and social life.

My UK master's is preparing me to advocate for global women's health issues

Chevening scholar Ijeoma from Nigeria shares her story of going from being a practising doctor to a master's student. Find out what she's learned along the way.

From my MBA at the University of Cambridge to consulting at McKinsey & Company

Nathan reflects on his time as an MBA student at the University of Cambridge and how it led him to start his consulting career at McKinsey & Company.

Discover Wales: 7 must-do experiences for students

Whether you want sandy beaches, a unique music tradition, magnificent wildlife or delicious local cuisine, make the most of having Wales on your doorstep.

From environmental sciences to ethical finance and meeting King Charles III

Hear why GREAT scholar Mariam loves the UK education system, her experience living in Scotland and about the time she met (now) King Charles III in London.

Women in STEM: my life as a fully-funded environmental engineering master's student in the UK

Hear about Sumaiya's transformative experience of getting a fully-funded STEM master's in environmental engineering at world-famous Newcastle University.

7 libraries you must visit in the UK

Find out which spectacular literary spots you should visit while studying in the UK.

8 festive ways to make the most out of your winter break

From festive volunteering to homestays with local families, to bringing in the New Year with a song and a dance - here are some ideas to help you enjoy the holidays.

'My UK master's helped me become a New York Times bestselling author'

Abi did her master's in creative writing at Birkbeck College before her debut novel went on to critical acclaim. She shares her story and reminds us of the power of nursing a hope, no matter how tiny.

10 things to consider when choosing student accommodation in the UK

Book early, turn to social media for inspiration and other ideas on how to find your ideal student home in the UK.

8 ways to live your best life as an international student in the UK

From being a 'tourist' in your own city to making memories with your heart and not just your camera. GREAT scholar Prerna shares her top tips.