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World-famous universities

The UK has inspired some of the finest minds in human history. Now let it inspire you – with a university degree that’s packed full of exciting possibilities. Through a UK education, you’ll discover fresh ideas. You’ll learn to see things differently. And thanks to the creative, inspiring and transformative style of teaching in the UK, you’ll take your education to a whole new level.

World-ranked universities

The UK has been a leader in academia for centuries. It’s home to two of the world’s top three universities (with a further 26 ranked among the global top 200) and has one of the most diverse subject offerings in the world. Thanks to rich traditions of critical thinking and academic rigour, more than one in three undergraduate students who study in the UK obtain a first-class degree.

Quality that’s government-guaranteed

The UK’s higher education institutions are all held to strict standards by the government, so you know you are getting the best teaching, support and resources available.

The Register of Regulated Qualifications contains details of Recognised Awarding OrganisatA full list of 'recognised bodies' – universities and colleges that can award degrees – is published every year, to make it easy for you to see the comparative quality on offer up and down the country – and ensure your qualification will have credibility overseas. ions and Regulated Qualifications in England (Ofqual), Wales (Welsh Government) and Northern Ireland (Ofqual for vocational qualifications and CCEA Accreditation for all other qualifications). For Scottish qualifications, please visit the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework website.

Innovative teaching methods

UK universities combine traditional lectures with a variety of innovative teaching techniques, designed to encourage independent thinking, problem-solving skills and self-motivation. You will be working in small groups solving real-life problems from your future career, whether in the classroom, the lab or on field trips. 

During your degree, you will have access to leading technology, from state-of-the-art laboratories to interactive screens and online learning, and you will have the opportunity to learn from the very best in your field. Many teachers in UK universities are industry leaders, and you will have one-to-one access to them where you will be able to learn from their vast experience. UK universities also cultivate industry relationships, allowing you to get practical experience in your field within world-leading organisations, and make connections to give your career an edge.

World-leading research

The consistently high quality of education in the UK makes it a firm favourite with international students all over the world and helps to keep it at the forefront of global research.

Although it represents just 0.9 per cent of the global population, the UK produces 14 per cent of the world’s most highly cited scientific research. Since 2007, the impact of that research has ranked number first among G7 countries.

So when you study here, you can be sure that you’ll be working alongside some of the best minds – and using the best technology – in the world.

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