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With so many world-class degrees on offer in the UK, it’s easy to see why we’re the best possible place for you to study. But did you know we’re also the best place to prepare for your chosen career?

That’s because a UK degree gives you more than just an outstanding academic qualification. It can also provide you with valuable work placements, and all as part of your studies.

These placements, internships and volunteering positions are designed for you to build new skills, make new contacts and apply your learning in a real-world, professional environment. And as UK universities have such strong links with every type of industry (from engineering to fashion to science and more) you’re sure to find a placement that’s right for you.

It’s another reason why UK graduates are among the most employable in the world and why they’re earning more and progressing further than their peers educated elsewhere. And it’s why a UK degree can help you to stand out in an increasingly competitive jobs market.

Stay in the UK after you graduate

There are many options for international graduates who wish to remain in the UK after their studies. The most common options are the Graduate Route and the Skilled Worker route.

Visit our 'after your studies' page to learn which visa will best suit your current situation and do your research to help you take the next step in your career, here in the UK.

International students, alumni and university staff share their stories How a UK education will enable you to succeed in your career

Build experience with an internship

Emma, BSc Marketing, University of Sussex

'The experience gave me a lot more knowledge. It improved my skills and also gave me experience in the field that I wish to further my career in.'

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Develop your skills with hands-on learning

Borja, BSc Sports, Coaching and Development, Manchester Metropolitan University

'You can use the theory that you are learning in university and apply it in a work environment.'

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Receive a well-rounded education

Namita, MSc Global Wildlife Health and Conservation, University of Bristol

'My course integrates research and practical training which gives me a wider perspective.'

Get the skills employers want

Be inspired while you learn

Okechukwu, University of Oxford alumnus

'My master's programme in the UK equipped me with significant motivation and knowledge for my human rights advocacy.'

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Become an industry leader

Eliza, University of Oxford alumna and Konstantina, University of Essex alumna

'My mathematics degree from the University of Oxford has been a launching platform for my career as an Artificial Intelligence Engineer.'

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Improve your English

Cyril, MSc Renewable Energy System Technology, University of Loughborough

'It's almost vital to speak English to work for an international company. In an application process, it's real value added to say that you did a master's degree in the UK'.

Improve your English

‘My master’s prepared me well for the job that I’m doing now’

Find out how Rimsha found a UK-based job in her field, which she started part-time while finishing her dissertation before moving full-time after graduating.

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‘My UK master's is preparing me for an international career’

Find out how Joseph from Nigeria's ambition to become an international journalist on the world stage led him to study international relations in the UK.

'Getting to work in the UK as part of my degree was invaluable'

Immediately after graduating, Elton from Indonesia started working at UNIQLO in London. Getting to work during his degree set him up for success, he says.

From my MBA at the University of Cambridge to consulting at McKinsey & Company

Nathan reflects on his time as an MBA student at the University of Cambridge and how it led him to start his consulting career at McKinsey & Company.

Stay in the UK after you graduate

Many options are available for international graduates looking to stay in the UK after graduation.

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Get the skills employers want

Our graduates are proven to be among the most desirable in the world, with confident analytical thinking, and excellent communication skills.

Help with every step of your career

Get advice and guidance from your university careers service.

What are internships?

If you’re looking for experience of a specific career or industry, then an internship can be your perfect way to get ahead.

What are work placements?

Undertaking a work placement as part of your degree help you to build academic expertise and gain real-world experience.

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is a great way to build experience and impress potential employers, while doing something really rewarding.

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