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After your studies

Studying in the UK will transform your career prospects by giving you fresh perspectives, inspiring ideas and a degree that’s admired the world over.

UK graduates are among the most employable in the world. They learn differently and think creatively which is why they’re progressing further, being promoted quicker and earning more than their peers who are educated elsewhere.

After you finish your studies, you’ll have benefitted from chances to apply your learning in real work environments. You’ll have learnt from successful leaders in your field, who will have helped you make industry connections before you even finish your studies.

Whatever you decide to do after graduation, you’ll be equipped with the skills and the confidence to take the next step that’s right for you.

Enter the global jobs market

As a graduate from a UK university, you’ll be in high demand among global employers. International students who have studied in the UK know that their prestigious degrees are valuable and a transformative investment.

You may decide you want to return to your home country or work elsewhere in the world after completing your studies. Speak to your university careers services during your time at university. UK universities have strong links with many global industries, and most have dedicated international careers advisers that can support you in taking your next steps to work internationally.

There are plenty of resources that connect graduates with employers around the world, such as GradLink. Your UK university careers service will be able to direct you to the right resources to support you learning more about the industry you’re most interested in.

Help yourself prepare for your transition into the global jobs market with our free online course Preparing for Work, for international students and graduates of UK universities.

Experience working in the UK

There are lots of options for international graduates who wish to remain in the UK after they finish their studies. The length of your student visa will depend on the duration of your course, but will usually end within a few months, so it is likely you will need to apply for a different visa to remain in the UK.

Graduate jobs in the UK

UK universities offer a range of career support and development opportunities during your studies. All UK universities also hold job and careers fairs for their students. These events are an extremely useful way to meet employers and learn more about potential careers in the UK.

Speak to your university careers service about looking for work in the UK.

You can also browse sites such as Milkround or Graduate Jobs to get an idea of the types of jobs available to graduates in the UK.

Further study

You may decide that you want to go into further study after you finish your degree. While enrolled in your course, speak to your academic tutor at your UK university for advice on your next steps. Many UK universities offer fee discounts to their existing students who go on to further study within their institution.

Visit our pages on [postgraduate study in the UK], and remember that you may need to extend, or re-apply for, your student visa if you decide to remain in the UK after your studies.