‘My UK master's is preparing me for an international career’

'Studying in the UK is one of the best decisions I have made in my life'.

Joseph, from Nigeria, is studying for a master’s in international relations at the University of Kent. He shares how his ambition to become an international journalist on the world stage led him to study in the UK and why it’s one of the best decisions he’s made so far in his life.

Joseph is wearing a 'News Central' vest and holding a branded microphone and is reporting from Ghana in 2021.

'Before I came to the UK for my master's, I had already been working as a journalist telling African stories'.

'I chose to study in the UK to get more international exposure to help my career'

Following my postgraduate diploma in broadcast journalism in Nigeria, I worked across digital, print, broadcast, radio and TV, telling African stories. I always watch CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera and knew I wanted to play on that stage too and go beyond telling stories of my local community, country and continent.

I felt that if I did more training somewhere I could be exposed to the socio-political and economic dynamics outside of Africa, I might stand a chance to work for one of the international news outlets I had dreamed about working with for years.

'Work-integrated learning is highly prioritised within the UK academic system'

I chose to study in the UK because I was looking for an academic system that offered work-integrated learning, and this was highly prioritised within the UK academic system. I was also looking for a destination which offered academic excellence and a curriculum that ensured students became more relevant to society and the world of work at the end of their programmes. Not to mention that I'd get value for money at the end of my degree. I knew that getting a UK education would be valuable to my future career.

Joseph on the football pitch on a sunny, summer day.

'There's so much to explore and enjoy, and if you're a football fan - you're in for a treat'.

'Irrespective of where you come from, you will immediately feel welcome in the UK'

Irrespective of where you come from, you will immediately feel welcome in the UK. The people are so warm, accepting and accommodating, which has helped me during my studies. I have enjoyed the diversity here and have made friends from all over the world. Beyond what that has brought me personally, I know that having a diverse international network will be valuable in my professional life. As a journalist with an ambition to tell both local and global stories, this network will give me the perspectives and connections that will help me in my career.

Food stall at a market. A huge plate of paella is in the foreground and a market seller is stirring it as a young woman in the foreground enjoys her food from a takeaway carton.

'Beyond British food, you can experience amazing food from all over the world'.

'In the UK, you can experience food from all over the world without travelling'

Canterbury, where my university is based, is an ancient city. When I’ve been to the town centre and to local markets, I’ve been able to find everything I could have wanted to get from a Nigerian market if I felt like a bit of home. But there are also so many other options to explore regarding food. Beyond British food, you can experience amazing food from all over the world without travelling. I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

'In the UK, I have made friends from all over the world'.

'I have learned so much by virtue of moving to the UK - a new country for me'

I live in Ashford, which is also in Kent. For me, it is a microcosm of the world. I just stand and admire the beauty of all sorts of different people going about their business and interacting with each other. People of all ages and stages. Skaters and bikers whiz past older people sitting on benches in parks enjoying the cool evening or grabbing a coffee together. I’m grateful for the opportunity for this kind of education which is not taught in the classroom. I have learned so much by virtue of moving to the UK - a new country for me.

One of the highlights of my time in the UK so far was visiting the office of the Mayor of Canterbury. I got to talk with her and learn more from her about her role in the community, what her job requires of her and what her goals are for the town.

Joseph standing in front of a huge sign which reads 'University of Kent'. He is in winter clothes with a fluffy hood up and a hat on and he is smiling.

'Studying at the University of Kent will be transformational for my career'.

'I have received so much support and advice from the careers and employment department'

Studying at the University of Kent will be transformational for my career. The careers and employment department is well-integrated with what we do in our courses. I’ve spoken to staff members about what I’m studying, what I’ve gained from it, and how that will help me in the future. They have looked through my CV, helped me revise it for the job market here, and given suggestions of different opportunities available in the UK and application and interview advice.

'I have engaged with potential employers through regular careers fairs throughout the year'

The careers and employment department also proactively organise careers fairs throughout the year. This is a chance for students to meet and engage with potential employers. All sorts of different organisations are represented on campus. It has helped me understand what kind of roles I might want to go for, how to apply the skills I’ve learned during my degree, and how to present myself to a potential employer best. I’m confident that all of this support and exposure will make me more likely to get interviews and desirable job offers in the coming months.

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