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'My UK degree is laying the foundation for my future career'

Computer science student, Ronghui from China, shares his journey of tackling diverse English accents, making global friends, and being encouraged to develop his own thinking.

'My fine art degree will help inform my existing architectural practice'

GREAT scholar Bhavana from India chose to study fine art in the UK to broaden her perspective and her existing practice.

'Studying in Scotland is preparing me for an international dance career'

Devon from the US is studying modern ballet at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow. Hear how he's preparing for a career as an internationally touring professional dancer.

'I found support for my neurodivergence during my UK studies'

Former GREAT scholar Ashley from Kenya was diagnosed with ADHD during her UK studies. Hear how she found support and a study-life balance during her degree.

'I'm turning my passion for music into my career'

Hear from Sabrina from Italy who is training to be a professional cellist at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

'I've joined a diverse community of UK alumni'

Find out about Ahmed's experience of becoming independent, travelling around the UK by bicycle and how a GREAT Scholarship and 'free' accommodation have helped him achieve his dreams.

6 top tips for applying for the GREAT Scholarship

Former GREAT scholar Diona from India shares some advice based on her experience of applying for the GREAT Scholarship to help increase your chances of success.

8 reasons why you should study in Scotland

83,000 international students from 180 countries choose to study in Scotland each year. Get inspired by Scotland's top-ranked universities, amazing cultural scene and so much more.

'My UK business degree is giving me a global perspective'

Hem, from India, studied business at one of the world's top institutions for the subject. Hear more about his top-quality course and his adventures in the UK.

'I studied French in Scotland and am now an award-winning chef'

Hear how Caroline, from the US, went from studying French at St Andrews to becoming a world-travelling, award-winning executive pastry chef at a top Brooklyn eatery.

'My UK master's will help me have a positive impact on the environment'

Icha, from Indonesia, did an interdisciplinary master's at the University of Glasgow, where she learned about critical thinking in a welcoming, international environment.

EU students: you are welcome in the UK

A UK education offers top-quality, prestige, and global job prospects. Find out why more than 120,000 EU students choose to study in the UK each year.

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