Study business in the UK

Brilliant business careers, made possible in the UK

If you have big plans for a career in business, you’ll find the UK one of the best possible places to get the preparation you need. We’re home to hundreds of academically respected business schools, offering great value and an exciting introduction to business for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

If you want to know you have the skills, the knowledge and the mindset required to succeed anywhere, a UK business degree is the best possible investment in your future.

A global business hub

The UK is a global business hub, with a location and time zone that allows it to connect easily with the business world around the globe. We’re also a nation of entrepreneurs. The UK is recognised as the seventh best country to start a business, and it’s home to the world’s top financial city – London – which alone supports more than six million jobs. With so many opportunities, our cities attract businesses from all over the world, and we’re a leading exporter of ideas, technology and talent.

This diverse multicultural talent pool helps guarantee that UK business graduates leave with transferable skills that can be applied anywhere, from multinational organisations to NGOs.

World-recognised business qualifications

There are over 100 specialist business schools in the UK, including one of the world’s top ten business universities – London Business School. Each of them builds on centuries of expertise to offer contemporary learning experiences tailormade for the modern business environment.

From the administrative essentials to the inspired vision that ensures companies thrive in unpredictable markets, our expert teachers will make sure you have the knowledge and the instincts to succeed anywhere.

Two businessmen talking to each other

Business expertise that’s tailored to you

Many business students want to leave ready to step into a large organisation, while others have plans to start and grow their own business from scratch. Whatever you have planned, a UK business degree will help you tailor your learning to those goals. Because you can graduate from an MBA in just one year, you’ll be applying for jobs and impacting on your chosen markets much sooner than competitors who are studying in other countries.

You’ll also be learning it from some of the best business brains too. Our business departments have excellent relationships with local firms and big brands, and as well as giving you industry insights and connections you’ll learn how to apply what you learn in a versatile way alongside international students with their own unique perspectives. If you want to go places in business, there’s no better investment in your future.

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