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Sow the seeds of a global career

If you’re passionate about the future of farming, your career will have the best possible chance to flourish in the UK. We have a long heritage of agricultural innovation. From the 18th century innovations that transformed farming across the world, to the green revolution in the 60s and 70s that made discoveries such as the semi-dwarfing gene, we’ve been helping to find ways to make farming better for everyone. 

Today, there is constant sharing of ideas between our agricultural schools and the technology and scientific academic expertise that the UK is famous for. UK farming remains at the forefront of sustainable trends and knowledge, making it the ideal way to start growing the career you want. 

Shaping the future of farming

As Agriculture 4.0 gathers pace, you’ll find some of the most exciting developments happening right here in the UK. Hundreds of new AgTech start-ups are breaking new ground here. Our unique combination of world-class science, innovative, connected farming supply chain and dynamic business environment make us the perfect choice for new businesses looking to spearhead the agricultural revolution.

With global conferences on the future of farming and all kinds of amazing collaborations between government, academia and industry, we’re uncovering new ways to make farming more precise, resilient and sustainable, from driving automation in farming to geospatial technologies.

Deeply rooted insights

The UK has a wide range of agriculture and related sciences degrees, bringing together a wealth of disciplines, from livestock and land management to food science, economics, conservation and the new scientific, technological and data harvesting that is driving the industry forward. 

As a UK agriculture student you’ll have access to amazing scientific research as it’s emerging from our laboratories, with insights into every aspect of the discipline, from data to crop health. So whether you want to learn how we can feed the world, or branch into another field, such as journalism, pharmaceuticals, government or education, you’ll find the inspiring teaching you need here in the UK.

Search for agriculture courses on our course finder below, or read on to learn what you can expect on an agriculture course in the UK.

What to expect

Animal science

Animal science is the study of the biology of animals and livestock bred and controlled by humans, predominantly cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry and horses. You’ll learn all about the production and management of these animals, ensuring you understand their health, productivity and the care they require. Specialist modules and courses can be found in everything from veterinary science to biotechnology and conservation. 


Agriculture has been one of the UK’s fastest growing subject areas in recent years, and degrees generally cover a wide range of modules including agriculture science, agribusiness, future trading and farm engineering. Agriculture campuses are usually based within large plots of land too, so you can put theory into practice on the fields and farms right on your doorstep.


Forestry and arboriculture qualifications can be found spanning a wide range of subjects, from tropical ecologies to the complex relationships between industry, government, industry and communities. You’ll be drawing on a long heritage of knowledge, with some of the UK’s forestry courses more than 100 years old. 

Food and beverage studies

A food and beverage studies degree will prepare you for many careers related to preserving and serving food and drink. You’ll cover a wide spectrum of food and drink groups, cooking techniques and serving styles, alongside ways to manage premises and facilities to a high standard. And there are hundreds of food and drink courses for you to choose from in the UK, with plenty of opportunities to specialise in the areas of the food supply chain that most interest you. 

Agricultural sciences

If you want to feed the world, this could be the career for you. An Agricultural Sciences course will teach you how to utilise land and water resources in producing livestock, plants and crops. Many courses will therefore cover things like livestock husbandry and crop production, as well as sustainability and experimental design in farming, and often the essentials of business management too. 

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