Study science and technology in the UK

Extraordinary science and technology careers

Advances in science and technology can achieve incredible things, moving our understanding of the universe forward whilst finding new ways for us to thrive in it. Many of those discoveries are made right here in the UK, and many more careers in science or technology are launched here too. We have three of the world’s top ten universities for science, and the expertise and learning environments on offer throughout the UK will help get your imagination firing on all cylinders.

If you’re excited by the extraordinary things you could achieve with a science and technology career, you’ll find the best possible starting point in the UK.

Home of great discoveries

The UK has a special place in the history of science. From Isaac Newton to Charles Darwin, Rosalind Franklin and Stephen Hawking, we’ve been globally recognised for our discoveries since the very earliest days of science. We’ve also been one of the most innovative countries in the world in applying discoveries to every aspect of our lives, pioneering new ideas and technologies from the factory to the home.

It is no surprise then that our research is world-leading. We produce the third highest amount of scientific research in the world, in fact 91 Nobel Prize-winners have been British over the years, and many others have chosen to study here. Our universities are currently home to plenty of future candidates. Who knows, maybe you could be one of them.

A group of students in lab coats carrying out lab test

What to expect

Our universities’ science and technology facilities offer students a state-of-the-art setting to expand their understanding and apply new skills. Studying under our friendly, expert teachers also means learning how to think differently – applying historical knowledge whilst also thinking creatively to solve problems in entirely new ways. There are so many discoveries waiting to be made, and you’ll have the best possible chance of making them – and turning them into useful technologies – in the UK.

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