Study sociology in the UK

Start a great career with a sociology degree from the UK

If you’re fascinated by social behaviour and the huge field of research dedicated to understanding it, the UK is the best possible place to immerse yourself.

We’ve been helping to advance sociological expertise since the 1850s when Herbert Spencer constructed his own intellectual system and evolutionary ideas based on the writing of Auguste Comte. This work was steadily built on by other academics, and by the early 20th century the UK was home to one of the earliest sociological societies and sociological journals. We’ve been teaching sociology in our universities since 1904 and the first Sociological Professorship was created at the London School of Economics just three years later.

Today, thousands of UK university courses offer students the chance to understand social life from an empirical perspective, and uncover the patterns and behaviours that influence and shape human activity all over the world.

Gain incredible insights

The social theories that have emerged from the social sciences have shaped all aspects of our lives, from economics to politics, art, education, archaeology and anthropology. It’s a lively and thriving discipline that will teach you about the social causes and consequences of common human experiences and issues, whilst giving you an entry point to careers in all kinds of fields.

From public sector to private health, sociologists and their ideas help us understand the way we behave as groups, so we can shape a better society. And you’ll find the best possible start to the subject in the UK.

World-class teaching, wherever you go

When you study sociology in the UK you’ll get the chance to tackle history’s biggest thinkers and boldest theories on social behaviour and social progress, guided by some of the brightest minds in the world. The UK is home to two of the world’s best universities for sociology, the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of Cambridge, who between them share more than 150 years of heritage in social sciences.

But you’ll find almost 1,700 courses to choose from around the country, all offering modular flexible courses that allow you to tailor your studies as you go, and specialise in the areas that interest you most.

A student studying in a university library

What to expect

Social careers start here

Sociology degrees can kickstart all kinds of interesting careers, from caring to teaching, understanding crimes or building brands. Whichever sector you have your eye on, you’ll be able to tailor your studies as you go and learn from academics who have first-hand expertise in those roles themselves.

World-class work experience

One of the best things about studying in the UK is the network of real-world contacts you’ll be able to tap into. A wide range of work experience is available – from a year in industry part-way through your course, to placements and internships – as well as regular guest speakers. So you’ll be able to connect with leading voices from industry, the NHS, politics, and all manner of other settings to expand your horizons.

Get the skills you need to excel

Studying in the UK will allow you to develop a wide range of strong transferable skills. From analysis and statistics to research and presentation, you’ll graduate with the qualities that employers are searching for, and the confidence to apply them in solving professional challenges anywhere in the world.

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