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Successful sports careers

The UK has always been at the top of world sport. From the origins of tennis in King Henry VIII’s court to the birth of football, table tennis, rugby, boxing and cricket, our passion for competition and ambition has helped fuel some of the best athletes and clubs of all time.

All of that heritage, knowledge and innovation is present in our sports degrees too. Each year thousands of international students choose to study in the UK, and draw on our overlapping passions for medicine and technology when they do. With some of best sports programmes in the world, we’re the best possible place to start your sporting career.

A proud sporting nation

Sport is one of the most important ways that people come together socially in the UK, whether they are competing or watching from the sidelines. Many of our biggest events are landmarks on the sporting calendar – from Wimbledon to European Football fixtures – and hundreds of thousands of people watch live, with thousands more spectating on televisions around the world.

When you live in the UK, you’re immersed in a fanatical sporting culture, and if you want to take part, you’ll be spoiled for choice, from university teams to the London Marathon.

Give your career a competitive edge

The UK is home to the best university for sport in the world – Loughborough, the University of Birmingham and the University of Exeter.

But wherever you choose to begin your studies, an undergraduate sport science degree in the UK is the best possible way to kick off your career. Our cutting-edge research and brilliant, supportive teachers will help get you ready to compete for jobs on a world stage.

What to expect

Student at climbing wall

Compete for your university

If you love to take part in sports you’ll find all manner of opportunities to compete at your university. 5,800 teams compete every year across UK universities and colleges. So you’ll be able to choose from 50 different sports, from soccer to hockey or maybe even a boat race between two very famous rival universities.

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