Art and culture

London's Tate Modern and the National Gallery are two of the UK's most famous art spaces. The Tate hosts sell-out shows and has an impressive permanent collection, while the National Gallery is home to paintings dating from the 13th to the 19th centuries. Look out for many smaller galleries in London, including temporary exhibitions from world-renowned artists.

In Scotland, visit Glasgow's Kelvingrove Art Gallery. Over the years, the gallery has showcased a range of shows – from art that depicts Glaswegian life to Italian sketchings.

In northern England, try the Lowry in Salford. The gallery, which specialises in modern and contemporary art, exhibits many media including photography, design and prints.

Theatre and performing arts

The UK has a vibrant performing arts heritage, with theatres featuring traditional plays as well as new, contemporary productions – from Shakespeare and opera to world-famous musicals and modern dance.


The restaurant scene in the UK is thriving, and increasingly diverse – people are becoming more adventurous and interested in foods from around the world. As a result you’ll find restaurants to suit every taste, mood and budget.

Pubs and bars

Pubs are popular social destinations for many university and college students in the UK. You don’t have to drink alcohol to go to a pub – you will find lots of non-alcoholic drinks on offer, and many pubs also have food and entertainment such as karaoke, football match screenings or pub quizzes (weekly events where you compete as a team).

Live music

Some of the world's largest music venues are in the UK, such as the O2 Arena in London and the world-famous Glastonbury festival, but many world-renowned artists and bands also play at UK universities and colleges, and small bars and cafés often host live music and dancing. 


Almost every town will have a cinema with feature films (movies) from around the world. Hollywood releases will be easy to find, but major cities also have cinemas specialising in foreign and independent films, and universities often have a ‘student cinema’ that shows films on campus at student-friendly prices

Visitors inside The British Museum, London, England ©

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Performers wearing colourful Chinese costumes celebrating Chinese New Year in London, performing for a crowd. ©

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