Dynamic political careers

The world of politics is constantly changing and if you want the skills, the knowledge and the analytical mindset to be successful in any political setting, the UK is the best possible place to acquire them.

One in four world leaders have studied in the UK, and every year we create some of the most employable graduates in the world. Our historic institutions are the ideal place to gain a global perspective on the history and future of political science, so you can begin laying the foundations for the career you want from day one. 

World-class political insights

We’ve been pioneering political ideas for centuries and are home to three of the world’s best universities for political science. The University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and the London School of Economics and Political Science are all among the most sought-after institutions for those keen to get a truly world-class political education.  

An extraordinary political history

The UK is well-known as the country where modern democracy first took root during the 13th century, in the form of the world’s first elected parliament. The Palace of Westminster, which stands on the site of William the Conqueror's first palace, has a unique place in the world’s shared understanding of democracy and government. That history has allowed the UK to establish an unbeatable culture of excellent in political teaching.

From the prominent voices of the Enlightenment, such as John Locke and Thomas Hobbes, to the political visionaries and activists like Emmeline Pankhurst who helped to inspire modern political thinking, the world has always paid close attention to the UK perspective.

So if you want a global outlook and a truly global career, there’s nowhere better to study political science.

What to expect


The workings of government are the cornerstone of any political science degree and when you study in the UK you’ll develop a detailed understanding of the reasoning and actions behind government actions. Many departments have expert teachers who have previously held posts in government, helping to give you the best possible practical insights into the subject. 

Theories and concepts

The arguments and theories that underpin politics are essential if you want to develop a strong, distinctive voice in any political debate. You’ll not just gain a strong core theoretical knowledge, you’ll cultivate the kind of analytical approach that employers want.

International relations

The ways that countries interact is fascinating, complex and one of the most important factors in shaping the impact of politics on ordinary lives around the world. You’ll grow a good knowledge of the alliances, conflicts and negotiating systems that have shaped international relations historically, and continue to do so today.

Social policy

A vast array of social challenges and opportunities face every country around the world, and the ways that policy is implemented to tackle them is essential if you wish to work in – or critique – government decisions at a local, national or international level. 


Political science degrees in the UK offer one of the most robust understandings of political history imaginable, from institutions that may well have been around for centuries. You’ll graduate with a clear understanding of where politics has come from, in order to shape where it’s going.

A career that can take you anywhere

Whether you’re dreaming of rising to the top in your home country, or want to help shape the ways politics impacts on your society, you’ll be exposed to the best possible expertise here.

Graduates in political science are in high demand due to the high flexibility of their skills. Career paths can range from roles in local government or civil service to journalism consultancy, commerce or charitable work. So wherever you want to go, that success is ready and waiting, made possible in the UK. 

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