Exceptional engineering careers. Made possible in the UK

A career in engineering can be exciting and extremely valuable, finding solutions to some of the newest and oldest challenges we as humans face. Today, UK engineering graduates are as high in demand as ever, thanks to our world-class universities and world-famous culture of innovation.

From AI and automation to the future of energy and transport, studying in the UK allows you to specialise as you go, learning in the buildings where the latest discoveries are being made – alongside the people making them. 

Want to change the world? The UK is the best possible place to grow the skills and the approach you need to succeed.

Engineering in the UK 

The UK is ranked fifth in the world for innovation and we’ve pioneered all manner of engineering marvels – from steam power and aeronautics, to iconic designs such as the world’s fastest car: the super sonic Thrust.  

You’ll find spectacular examples of UK engineering wherever you choose to travel in the UK – and many more projects under construction. But wherever you go once you graduate you’ll find skills and point of view in demand. Building extraordinary things is what we’ve been doing for centuries. So if you want to do that then the UK is the best possible place to start.

An engineering qualification that opens doors

Three of the world’s top ten universities for engineering are in the UK. But wherever you study here, you’ll be connecting to exceptional talent and inspirational teaching that takes you deeper into your subject. 

Excellent connections to industry and research will ensure that you’re exposed to the latest ideas and technologies in state-of-the-art learning environments, developing the kind of cutting-edge knowledge and communication skills that employers are looking for. 

What to expect

A UK engineering degree allows you to begin building a solid understanding of the essentials from day one. From the calculations you’ll rely on to the materials you’ll be putting to work, your teachers will help you understand the foundations of the subject so you can begin exploring new ways of approaching challenges in your chosen specialism.

Compact modular courses

Engineering degrees in the UK are often shorter than many other countries, meaning you can take your qualification out into the industry that much sooner. A qualification that will open doors everywhere you go. 

Aeronautical Engineering


An aeronautical degree will literally give your career wings, equipping you with everything you need to work in aviation or a related specialism such as aerodynamics, propulsion, astronautics or aeroelasticity. You’ll be immersing yourself in everything to do with flight, from research and design to construction and testing of aviation technologies. 

Chemical Engineering

Chemical and biological processes are used to produce all kinds of useful materials. So if you have a strong scientific background and are good at approaching challenges analytically, you could become out of the scientific engineers who help design the processes and products we use every day.

Civil Engineering

All countries rely on critical infrastructure to function, and you could join the engineers who design and implement these kind of projects, often on epic scales. A Civil Engineering degree in the UK will give you all the understanding you need to start, from geotechnics and statistical analysis to hydraulics and mechanics, including the innovative ways computer modelling can be used to design the best possible solutions for entire populations. 

Computer Engineering

With computers being used to manage so much of our lives now, computer engineers are understandably in high demand. A computer engineering degree from the UK will allow you to design and prototype all kinds of different hardware and software, on state-of-the-art learning tools. Bringing in many of the same core elements of electrical engineering and computer science, you’ll be able to refine your studies in whatever direction you want, from microcontrollers to graphic displays and nano-science.

Electrical Engineering

If you choose to specialise in electrical and electronics engineering, you can empower your learning with the latest insights into everything from microelectronics to large-scale electricity production. So you’ll be ready to go into a range of fields, from robotics to smart city energy supply. 

Mechanical Engineering

Understanding mechanical systems is one of the oldest forms of engineering knowledge, but it’s still one of the most highly sought after. UK courses will help you understand everything you need for your career, from stress analysis and thermodynamics to the mechatronic insights you need to go into manufacturing and robotic automation. 

Discover how to think differently 

Studying in the UK means having access to some of the best engineering experience and knowledge in the world. But your teachers will also be able to share the extra difference – the insights they use to solve problems creatively and think differently as the imagine solutions we’ll all depend on in the future. Meaning you will have the best possible experience for shaping yours.

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