'My UK business degree is giving me a global perspective'

Hem, from India, graduated from his master’s in management with business analytics at Bournemouth University in 2023. He chose to study in the UK to gain a prestigious and high-quality degree and tells us more about his experience of the UK's education system.

'Bournemouth is one of the top institutions globally to study business'

One of the reasons I chose to study at Bournemouth is that the business school is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Less than six per cent of business schools worldwide have attained this hallmark of excellence.

Also, more generally, the UK is globally recognised for its education system, and my UK master's will have a lot of value. By doing this degree, I'll be able to have access to many more opportunities to work in the UK itself or abroad in global roles.

'The practical-based teaching in the UK has been important for my development'

In my course, we learn the theory first. We focus on the concepts, and then, for the assignments, we get to apply them practically. Having to be so critical has enhanced my thinking power and broader capabilities. The practical-based learning approach is very important for the overall development of a person.

My course is preparing me to become a good business analyst, and I'm learning both technical and managerial business skills.

'Outside of class, I love playing beach volleyball'.

'Nature in the UK is so lush and green'.

'There are beautiful beaches in Bournemouth'

Bournemouth is known for its beautiful beaches. Outside of class, I love playing beach volleyball, especially in summer. I have also tried out a couple of other hobbies and made friends from across the globe - from Thailand to Malaysia, Turkey to the US, and Canada to Australia. I have learned a lot from them, and the global experience in the UK has been amazing.

'Hem exploring the National History Museum in London'

The Natural History Museum in London.

'I've loved travelling within the UK'

I love London. It feels like a Mecca where I can see people from all over the world. To talk with them. And eat with them. Whenever I have time off, or sometimes just at the weekend, I like visiting the museums in London. The National History Museum even has a piece of the moon from when Neil Armstrong did the first space mission with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). It's very inspiring. It shows how much we have progressed. You can also see things like rocket engines, spaceships, clocks, and timepieces from throughout history. If you want to go, just make sure you leave a full day to visit the museum so you can make the most of it.

'Since coming to Bournemouth, I have grown so much as an individual'

'Want some advice? Be open to anything and everything that the UK has to offer'

If I had to give one piece of advice to someone coming from abroad to study in the UK, I'd say be open to new experiences, cultures and a new education system. I can understand from personal experience that coming all the way from another country alone and moving to the UK to study can be quite daunting, but try not to isolate yourself when you get here.

The experience of studying in the UK is worth it and will make you a better person. Since coming here, I have grown so much as an individual. I can see the difference between when I was a kid who had just graduated college in India to who I've become since starting a master's in Bournemouth. It's an amazing opportunity, and it's 100 per cent worth taking the plunge and experiencing so many new things.

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