Amazing legal careers. Made possible in the UK

If you want a career in law, the UK has everything you need for a flying start.

Our law schools are recognised around the world for the quality of their teaching. We have three of the top ten schools in the world, but you’ll find hundreds of exceptional courses around the country, which all draw on the UK’s unique legal heritage and diverse expertise. Our inspirational teachers will help you not just understand the areas of law that you’re passionate about, but discover how to apply your knowledge in a creative, analytical way. 

You’ll find the best possible preparation for the legal career you want right here in the UK.

A global reputation

UK law students have always been in demand by employers worldwide, not just because of the quality of our teaching. Being immersed in the English language – and in British culture – gives you a unique perspective in the way you interpret the law and see the world. Our common law system has been in place for 900 years, and is emulated by many different countries. So wherever you want to work, a UK law degree can open doors. Many world leaders have studied law in the UK then used their experiences to create the legislation counties rely on. If you want to make a difference, there’s nowhere better to start your legal journey.

What your studies will cover / What to expect

Wherever you choose to study law in the UK, you can expect a warm welcome and an outstanding level of teaching. 

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Solent University 

A history of the law

To apply the law you need to understand where it came from and your own place in it. Our historic universities are the perfect place to immerse yourself in thousands of years of legal history, and the more recent precedents that will shape your work every day.

Law in society

Wherever we live, laws govern what we can do and what can be done to us. Our freedoms, our rights and our threats are all impacted by the social role of law. From the contracts that constrain international trade to the constitutional laws that shape life for millions of us, you’ll get a clear perspective of the role law plays.

Learn how to argue your case

Being able to debate and argue points effectively is a valuable skill in any profession, but an essential one if you want to practice law. Even if you don’t plan on being a barrister, having strong analytical and linguistic skills will ensure you are ready to get your point across effectively in any situation. 

Mock courtrooms

As your skills in argument and mooting grow, you’ll be able to hone them in the most authentic context possible. Realistic mock courtroom settings help make sure you feel at home in court more quickly once you graduate, so you can shine as soon as find yourself in the real thing. 

Compact, modular courses

Every law degree in the UK law covers the same seven core modules that provide the essentials of law and analysis. You can then refine your learning around the areas that interest you most, by selecting specialist modules set by your university, ranging in everything from family law to human rights. This modular approach also makes our courses more compact, so you can graduate more quickly than many other countries without losing any of the detail. 

Follow your own path 

Whether you arrive with a specialist passion – or find one when you’re immersed – a degree in the UK gives you the best possible route into that career. By selecting your chosen modules as you learn, you’ll be ready to embark into your preferred role sooner. You can specialise in a wide range of core areas, including:

  • Criminal law
  • Corporate law
  • Banking law
  • Construction law
  • Commercial law
  • Constitutional law
  • Contract law

But whether you want to work in justice and criminology, journalism or politics, a UK law degree provides you with an exceptional range of career options. 

Inspirational teachers

Being the best possible you depends on the best possible teaching. In the UK you’ll find the highest level of expertise matched with a friendly, supportive approach that will nurture you through your personal challenges and help prepare you for success. 

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