Inspirational creative careers

The UK is an exciting, inspiring place with a long history of cultural and creative achievements. This has allowed us to develop some of the world’s best industries for creative professionals, from art and theatre to advertising and television – each one fed by university degrees that know exactly how to foster emerging talent. 

There are more than 2000 Art and Design degrees in the UK, and four of the best performing arts universities in the world. With so much departmental collaboration, our graduates are exposed to all kinds of cross-pollinating ideas and approaches. And with countless museums, galleries, gigs, festivals and other cultural experiences to enjoy in your spare time, the UK really is the best possible place to spark your imagination and career in creative arts. 

Passionate about creativity 

We’re passionate about creativity in the UK, and everywhere you go you’ll find examples of artistic expression – from iconic personalities to local artistic events. Nowhere is this more true than our university campuses, which are thriving with all kinds of performances, live music and creative groups. But whatever your passion – Shakespearian theatre, underground music festivals, or epic installations – it’s easy to connect with likeminded individuals and cutting-edge creatives in action. Everything you need to be inspired and grow the skills you’ll need to succeed anywhere.  

What to expect

Wide range of courses

From universities and colleges to specialist conservatoires, you can find career-focused creative arts courses in the key specialisms that interest you.

  • Film and animation 
  • Photography
  • Fine art
  • 3D design and textiles
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Creative writing / screen writing
  • Graphic design 

Performing Arts

We have some of the best performing arts schools in the world, so whether you have a passion for acting, dancing or singing – or all three – you’ll find everything you need to rise to the top. You’ll develop a rich understanding of the history and theory of your creative field, before refining your talents for the ultimate self-expression. So you graduate ready to make an impression on the world.


You can study a wide range of musical genres in the UK, with a blend of theory and practice that will ensure your knowledge is as well-developed as your skills. As you proceed you can tailor your modules to whatever gets you most excited, from performance and composition to recording. 

Creative writing

If you have a way with words – whether it’s poetry, screenwriting or fiction – you’ll find talented teachers ready and waiting to help you push your talent to the next level. A range of flexible degrees will help you understand everything you need, from structure and craft to how to tailor your writing to a specific audience and get your foot in the door with publishers and agents. 

Powerful images

Students of film, photography and animation will find world-class expertise on-hand in the UK, showing them how to master everything from narrative structure to lighting, image composition and editing. Not only that, you’ll get the chance to refine all these skills on state-of-the-art equipment, such as powerful HD cameras and motion capture technology.  

Art and Design

Artists and designers of all kinds are able to express themselves and refine their skills on a range of excellent degrees, where you’re encouraged to think differently and rewrite the rules. From ceramics to comic art, we’ve got thousands of courses to choose from, each one led by fantastic teaching staff with industry connections in your chosen field. 

Create the career you want

Whatever you choose to study in the UK, you’ll find courses designed with your graduate journey in mind. Through our progressive approach to learning, we’re experts at balancing the academic with the expressive, and the practical challenges of getting your big professional break. 

With modular courses, a clear focus on professional career paths – and total immersion in the English language throughout your studies – you’ll be set to succeed anywhere in the world. 

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