Education agents can help you find the right university, college or school in the UK and assist you with applying for a course.

Why use an education agent

Not only can education agents assist with the application process, they can also advise you on other matters such as visas, accommodation, travel and more.

What do I need to consider? 

Some agents have formal working relationships with particular schools, colleges and universities. This means they know the application processes well, and should be able to help you effectively. If you already know where you want to study, choosing an agent who represents this education centre may be ideal for you.

However, if you are interested in exploring lots of different education centres and evaluating which one is best suited to you – make sure the agent is able to present you with the full range of options, rather than just the particular schools, colleges or universities they represent.

How to find an agent

If you have already identified a university, college or school where you would like to study find out if they have agents in your country that they regularly work with.

Alternatively, you can use the British Council’s Global Agents List to find a list of certified agents in your country.  All of these agents have passed the British Council’s Agents Training Certificate within the last two years, meaning they have a good knowledge of the UK’s education system.


As well using the British Council’s Global Agents List, you can also check whether the institution you are interested in is in compliance with the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA).  The QAA issues guidance to all UK institutions to ensure that they properly support and train their agents, and encourage them to incorporate the British Council Code of Ethics into their agents’ contracts. 

Are you an education agent?

We've created a toolkit to support education agents and their work with internationally mobile students and their families. Visit this page for more information.

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