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UEA is a world top 200 and globally renowned university situated in the traditional English City of Norwich, just 90 minutes from London and an hour from Cambridge.

Founded in 1963, UEA is home to 17,000 students, around 3,500 of which join us from 120 countries.

We drive diversity and reward academic rigour by providing an excellent scholarship scheme to our international cohort, with over £18m worth of scholarship offered to students in 2021.

We are committed to excellent career guidance and enhanced employability.  Furthermore, we offer all students access to our careers support service for up to three years after they graduate.  

GREAT Scholarships 2022

The University of East Anglia has three GREAT Scholarships available for the 2022-23 academic year for students from Kenya (one), India (one), and Turkey (one) across all subjects.   

GREAT Scholarships for justice and law 2022

The University of East Anglia has a justice and law scholarship available for the 2022-23 academic year for a student from Pakistan in the following subjects: 

  • LLM International Trade Law
  • LLM International Commercial Dispute Resolution
  • LLM International Commercial & Business Law
  • LLM Master of Laws
  • LLM Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law
  • LLM International Commercial & Competition Law

David Kirkham, Fisheye images / University of East Anglia 

Key subject showcase

MSc Engergy Engineering

Our highly commended collaboration with industry means that you’ll graduate with experience in the energy sector and the perfect mix of knowledge, contacts and sought after transferable skills. Our course material, kept current by our Industrial Advisory Board, is uniquely tailored to the needs of the industry right now, ensuring that our graduates are highly sought after.

MSc Global Business Management

This course is for students with an undergraduate degree aspiring to work in multinational organisations, in varied cultural settings with a sound understanding of what it takes to be a Global business entrepreneur, leader, manager and an effective team player. A large number of modules are being made available so students aspiring towards a particular career path, be it in marketing, branding, HR, consulting, can study relevant content.

MA Media Culture and Society 

Studying and working in the media requires an acute awareness of the way media and culture shape people’s understanding of - and responses to - their world. From the daily routines to the grand designs of contemporary society – from the election of a president to the fall of a government – it’s almost impossible to make sense of national or world events without understanding the role media and culture play.