Studying for a UK degree in China


You’ll find many great opportunities to study for a UK degree in China. So if you have caring, job or family commitments that prevent you from travelling to the United Kingdom, you can still gain your dream qualification. 

These Transnational Education (or TNE) courses are designed, delivered, and quality-assured to the UK’s own rigorous standards and each leads to a UK degree.

They can provide a pathway to the United Kingdom at a later date, either to continue your studies or to work, and you’re sure to benefit from their strong links with both UK and international business (just one of the reasons that graduates with UK degrees are among the most employable in the world). You may also find that studying for a UK TNE degree in China is more affordable than studying in the UK itself.


Chinese students

Most of the TNE programmes in China which award UK bachelor's degrees recruit students based on their scores in the national university entrance examination, Gaokao.

These TNE programmes may also have additional English language requirements, such as IELTS or a minimum score in the English section of the Gaokao.

Postgraduate programmes tend to admit students with bachelor's degrees from mainland China or abroad, by either independent recruitment or through the postgraduate entrance examination, Yankao. 

Non-Chinese student

If you are a non-Chinese student who has attended high school outside of mainland China, you are also eligible to apply to most institutions that offer TNE programmes.

Typically, you will need to hold A-levels or International Baccalaureate qualifications. Yet eligibility criteria can differ between institutions, and we advise that you contact your chosen university and discuss their entry requirements. 

Which degree should I choose?

A wide range of full time, UK-accredited degrees are on offer in China, and you’re certain to find a course that’s right for you. 

Every year, graduates in China complete Master’s degrees, Doctorates and Bachelor’s degrees in subjects ranging from Law to medicine to the arts. And each is awarded their prestigious degree from a UK university.

How will my degree be awarded?

There are three ways that your UK-accredited degree may be awarded in China.

Articulation agreements 

Many Chinese universities and UK universities have credit recognition agreements, also known as ‘articulation agreements’. This means that a UK university will recognise the credits you have studied for in China and, if your results meet the required threshold, you will be able to transfer to the UK university to continue your studies. 

What degree am I awarded?

Depending on the agreement between the universities, upon successful completion of your studies you may be awarded with:

  1. A dual/joint degree from both universities
  2. A degree from just the UK university

For more information, we advise that you contact your chosen educational institution in China, and enquire about its partnerships with UK universities.

Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools / programmes

China’s Ministry of Education formally approves a type of TNE degree known as a ‘joint programme’ or ‘joint institute (with or without legal entity)’.

For the Ministry of Education to formally approve these joint programme, a Chinese university and its overseas partner must demonstrate that both fully involved in the provision of a degree course (including all aspects of curriculum development, teaching, quality assurance and more).

There are currently 235 of these TNE programmes in operation, providing degrees at bachelor level and above. They include an option to study for part of your degree (such as the final year of your course) at a UK institution.

What degree am I awarded?

Depending on your institution’s partnership agreement, upon successful completion of your studies you may be awarded with:

  1. A degree from both universities
  2. A degree from just the UK university

To find out more about formally approved TNE programmes, we advise you to:

International Foundation Year 

You can prepare for a UK degree course by studying for an International Foundation Year (IFY) qualification in China. 

These programmes can prepare you for your studies by familiarising you with the teaching practices, educational approaches and requirements that will be expected of you as a UK undergraduate.

Recognition of these qualifications can differ between UK providers. For that reason, we advise that you contact your preferred UK University to enquire about which IFY courses and Chinese universities they partners with.

Studying online

Depending on your work and home commitments, you may choose to study for your degree online. These offer the same high standards of UK teaching and the same prestigious qualifications, while allowing for a greater amount of flexibility and schedules that better suit your needs.

But please note, The China Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) does not recognise or authenticate overseas degrees taught entirely online. However, private sector companies in China all have their own policy on the recognition of online degrees, which could be of benefit to you.

To find out about these online degrees, we advise that you directly contact individual institutions in the UK. You can find a comprehensive list on the UK government website

Other relevant websites

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