Thursday 25 February 2021 -
08:00 to 09:30

There are many routes to finding work in the green economy. Explore the different paths into environmental work in this webinar where we will hear from East Asian UK alumni who have gone on to successful careers in the green industries, as well as information from the University of Exeter on climate change-related courses and the careers such courses can lead to.

This webinar is suitable for East Asian prospective international students (undergraduate and postgraduate) considering climate change related/science courses; East Asian students already studying at UK higher education institutions and looking ahead to the world of work; East Asian graduates of UK higher education institutions who are interested in working in the green industries; and young professionals in East Asia who are interested in working in the green industries

It forms part of a global webinar series called Green Careers that the British Council is holding in 2021 in the run up to COP26. The series will explore the different careers that exist within the green sector and some of the routes into them, with a particular focus on the UK's higher education offering in this space.

We will be joined by:

  • Wilson Ang (Singapore): General Manager at Association of Singapore Marine Industries
  • Nguyen Phuong Thao (Vietnam):  Co-Founder and COO of Nguyen Khoi Farm
  • Jhud Mikhail Aberilla (Philippines): Educator and researcher (Assistant Professor at University of the Philippines) working in sustainable production and consumption, with a focus on developing communities
  • Prof Lars Johanning: Professor of Ocean Technology at the University of Exeter


Wilson Ang

Over the last 15 years, Wilson has held several appointments serving on various national, regional and global boards. This includes both his day job and volunteering to support green causes. He believes the only way to create a better planet is for every individual to be more conscious about daily choices in consumption habits. He also hopes to create 10,000 green jobs through working with the people, private and public sectors. Wilson holds a Masters in Diplomacy from the University of Oxford.

Nguyen Phuong Thao

Nguyen Phuong Thao has a master's degree in environmental sciences from the University of East Anglia and over 10 years' experience in environmental management and four years' experience in organic farming. She co-founded the award-winning Nguyen Khoi Green Joint Stock Company. The company produces natural premium food products and agricultural products from sustainable farming. As COO, she designs and implements company strategy. 

Dr Jhud Mikhail Aberilla

Dr Jhud Mikhail Aberilla is Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering (UPD). He was awarded his PhD from the University of Manchester. He established the Sustainable Production and Responsible Consumption research laboratory at UPD. His research interests include life cycle assessment, systems modelling and simulation and sustainability in engineering education and policy. He has served as a consultant in electrification planning and corporate water strategy. 

Professor Lars Johanning

Professor Johanning is a leading researcher with international recognition in the field of ocean technology with a focus towards offshore renewable energy. He is Deputy Head of Engineering and Academic Lead of the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Group at the University of Exeter, and has developed and been a key member in the implementation of regional/national and international ORE research activities. 

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