Finalists of the Alumni Awards in China

Global Alumni Awards

We are delighted to announce the three winners of the Global Alumni Awards. Selected from our 21 Regional winners, these individuals have demonstrated outstanding achievements as professionals, entrepreneurs and social change makers. The Study UK Alumni Awards recognise and honour the outstanding achievements made by international alumni of a UK higher education. Award recipients are leaders in their respective fields, be it as entrepreneurs, professionals or social change makers. All of them will have used their UK education to bring positive change to their communities, industries and countries, and are ambassadors for their UK education. 

Read on and be inspired by our Global, and Regional, Award winners.

Entrepreneurial Award

José Ignacio Valenzuela 

José Ignacio's work is changing the way Spanish-speaking communities around the world can access the vital healthcare that they need, and the Ministry of Education have just approved a Master’s programme in Biomedical Infomatics – the first of its kind in Latin America. José Ignacio has a MSc in Health Informatics from City, University of London.

Professional Achievement Award 

Asha de Vos

Asha is the founder of Sri Lanka’s first marine conservation research and education organisation, Oceanswell, which works to change the trajectory of the world’s oceans by empowering and inspiring people to be custodians of the oceans. Asha studied for her BSc in Marine and Environmental Biology at the University of St Andrews, and her MSc in Integrative Biosciences at the University of Oxford. 

Social Impact Award

Baby Ruth Villarama

Baby Ruth is an award-winning film maker from the Philippines. Her films are generating national conversations and raising international awareness of modern day issues such as human trafficking and slavery. Baby Ruth co-founded Voyage Studios, an organisation that collaborates with local and international filmmakers to produce stories that inspire audiences around the world to open their eyes to social issues. Baby Ruth studied a MA in Film Distribution and Marketing at Birmingham City University, and is a Chevening Alumna.

Get to know our winners by viewing their video stories below.

Regional Alumni Awards

On 12 April, the British Council announced the 63 finalists of the regional Alumni Awards; followed by the 21 regional winners on 19 April, and the three global winners on 24 May. The regional finalists, and then the winners, were selected through a multi-stage judging process, for their outstanding achievements as business professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders.  

Entrepreneurial Award

The Entrepreneurial Award recognises UK alumni who are active in initiating or contributing to innovative or creative new ideas, solutions or business opportunities. See this year's regional winners.

Professional Achievement Award

The Professional Achievement Award recognises alumni whose work has created change in their chosen profession. See this year's regional winners

Social Impact Award

The Social Impact Award recognises alumni whose work has positively changed their society or community. See this year's regional winners.