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Over 1,000 international students from 100 plus countries study with us each year, so you’re sure to feel at ease. Students rate our small teaching groups and supportive learning highly and say our brand new campus and resources are excellent.

Small enough to be friendly, close enough to London for a day visit, Northampton offers a safe locality and exceptional value for money. University rent is up to half the national average; overall cost of living for one person is 25 per cent cheaper than UK average. (Expatistan, National Student Accommodation Survey and Ass’n of Town and City Management 2021.)

GREAT Scholarships 2022

The University of Northampton has three GREAT Scholarships available for the 2022-23 academic year for students from Brunei (one), Sri Lanka (one) and Turkey (one).

Brunei - The eligible subjects are Computing, Public Health and Education.

Sri Lanka - The eligible subjects are Computing, Education, English (Contemproray Lit) and Public Health.

Turkey - The eligible subjects are Advanced Design and Manufacturing, Public Health, Education and Computing.


University of Northampton

Key subject showcase

MSc Computing

You can follow a general pathway or choose from specialist pathways in Networks Engineering, Internet Technology and Security or Software Engineering, to meet your personal career aspirations. The optional 12-month work placement has a highly technical focus but you will develop detailed knowledge of the business context and problem solving skills required for employment at this level. We enrol small cohorts of students to ensure that you receive personalised support helping you to develop to your maximum potential.As well as promoting the overall campaign, our digital promotion will highlight three specific subjects per university for which scholarships are available.

For those who have chosen to support scholarships across more than three programmes, please select three you would like to highlight.

MA Education

The course is flexible and wide-ranging and involves the study of: leadership, classroom cultures and also has an international and comparative aspect.

A key element of all the modules  is the class community  which enables you to engage with other professional colleagues and fellow researchers.  In every module you design the titles of your assignments around your personal and professional interests. With support from your tutors, you will be able to explore aspects of education that are of interest to you. You will also be supported to publish and present your work.

MSc Public Health

This course provides an integrated, coherent and multidisciplinary approach to public health activity. Our MSc Public Health places particular emphasis on advancing your critical awareness and problem solving skills in order to develop innovative, reflective and pro-active approaches to meeting challenging and complex health needs. Examples of our pro-active approach to teaching and learning include; the analysis of contemporary non-communicable health issues such as obesity, diabetes and mental health, as well as those linked with public protection such as infectious disease surveillance and control.