GREAT Scholar showing off her certificate

非凡奖学金(GREAT Scholarships)

非凡奖学金面向来自 14 个国家和地区的学生,学生有机会领取 10,000 英镑用于支付学费,适用于多门一年制授课型研究生课程。

2023-24 学年,共有 20 所大学拟向中国学生发放 21 份非凡奖学金。




Two lawyers talking to each other


司法和法律研究生奖学金金额高达 10,000 英镑,面向来自多个国家和地区的学生,适用于这一学习方向的多个学科,从人权到刑事司法和商法,不一而足



What are GREAT Scholarships?

Maria and Nadine, University of Kent

Find out more about what GREAT Scholarships are and how to apply for them.

GREAT Scholarships at the University of Kent

Getting a GREAT Scholarship

Rawan, LLM International Human Rights Law, University of Essex

Thinking about studying law but need help with funding? Meet Rawan, who received a GREAT Scholarship to study human rights law in the UK.

Scholarships and funding

Receive a well-rounded education

Namita, MSc Global Wildlife Health and Conservation, University of Bristol

The GREAT Scholarship enabled Namita to qualify in the UK to prepare herself to get a job in the field of wildlife conservation.

GREAT Scholarships at the University of Bristol

Being a GREAT scholar

Ismet, MSc Environmental Futures with Climate Change, University of Essex

Ismet tells us about his scholarship, what it means to him, why he chose the University of Essex and his top tips for international students.

Great Scholarships at the University of Essex
  • 获得非凡奖学金改变了我的人生,甚至还影响了我的社区。人们听到我准备去英国留学时,心里就在想 - “噢,如果她能成功,那我们或许也行啊。”非凡奖学金为这个梦想插上了翅膀。

GREAT scholars receiving their scholarship certificate

非凡奖学金 6 大申请技巧

您是否正在考虑申请非凡奖学金?来自印度的 2021-22 学年非凡奖学金获得者 Diona 根据自身申请经验,分享申请妙招,助您提高申请成功几率。

阅读 Diona 的博客


‘Studying musical theatre in London is opening endless doors for my career’

2021-22 GREAT scholar Desmonda shares how studying in the UK fits into her path to becoming a full-time theatre performer.

‘Studying in the UK is helping me build the skills and connections I need for my future career’

Chrislyn shares her experience of studying intellectual property at the University of Glasgow, the impact of the GREAT Scholarship and her hopes for the future.

From Kenya to Scotland: my life as a master's student in Aberdeen

GREAT scholar Irene, from Kenya, shares her love of Scotland's natural beauty, the supported she's received, and how she finds peace when she's not studying.





'Getting the GREAT Scholarship showed my community that anything is possible'

Irene, MSc Data Science, Robert Gordon University

Read Irene's blog

'Due to receiving the GREAT Scholarship I was able to come to the UK and pay my tuition fees'

Desmonda, MA Musical Theatre, Royal Academy of Music

Hear Desmonda's story

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