Read the interview with Sesinam Dagadu who built an app that gives 8.7 million people across Ghana improved access to ambulance services. 

  • From: Ghana
  • Studied: MEng Systems Engineering
  • UK institution: University of Warwick 

With limited access to resources and finances, Sesinam Dagadu developed an ingenious system that allowed ambulance services to quickly and easily locate people living in some of the most remote areas of Ghana. 

Interview with entrepreneur, Sesinam Dagadu

  • Tell us about the service you created – how does it work?

I created a system whereby anyone living in the Greater Accra or Ashanti regions of Ghana can use their mobile phone to generate a free and unique six or seven digit code that they then keep hold of. We then equipped the ambulance service with mobile devices that can pinpoint people and their exact location according to the code on their phone, even in areas where there isn’t any network connectivity. 

Myself and my team work hard to find new and novel ways to bring convenience to people’s lives in Ghana, plus open up opportunities for businesses. For example, people can also use their code to access a whole host of other social and commercial services like rubbish collection or food and parcel deliveries.

  • Did you enjoy your time studying in the uk?

Studying at Warwick University provided an environment like no other, filled with smart, passionate and driven people from all over the world. It was a really intellectually stimulating place to study.

  • How did studying in the uk help to shape your thinking and approach to work?

For me, the tutors at Warwick were particularly good at focusing my learning and areas of research study. They also helped to set my learning in a wider context by exposing us to some of the biggest problems and challenges faced in the world today and encouraging us to come up with ideas and ways to solve them. While I was studying there, I felt as though I could come up with an idea that could really make a difference.

  • How is your service making an impact on people’s lives?

With less than a £12,000 investment from the Vodafone Foundation, and although we have only really just begun, we already have 8.7 million people covered by ambulance services. 

The World Health Organization have recognised the project as crucial in helping to provide timely emergency care across Africa, as well as help healthcare professionals in their battle against infectious diseases, such as cholera and Ebola, by enabling them to identify centres of outbreaks more easily.

Sesinam Dagadu is the winner of the UK Alumni Award for Entrepreneurship, Ghana 2017.

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