By Study UK

18 June 2021 - 10:00

Siqi on campus at The University of Glasgow. 

Siqi is a third-year Economics and Politics student at the University of Glasgow. In this blog, she shares why she will cherish her friendships with students from all over the world, and how getting involved with activites at University has made her more independent. 

I chose to study in the UK because of the reputation of the education, my cousin used to study in the UK, and she had a really nice experience.

One of the things I love about living in the UK is the diversity, I enjoy making friends from all over the world and learning from different people and hearing their stories. 

An important thing I have learned is to respect diversity and always think from different perspectives. We may be different, but we can always learn from each other to overcome ignorance and prejudice.  

I also love British media; I enjoy reading Charles Dickens and watching James Bond movies. 

I’m involved in lots of activities at my University, I’m a peer wellbeing supporter, international student mentor and also a board member at the TEDx University of Glasgow society. I also joined the University’s social media team last year and have been working as a Digital Media and Marketing Assistant. 

Outside my University, I’m an International Student Ambassador for UK Council for International Student Affairs, leading changes in the UK education policy sector. I also joined Advice Direct Scotland as a summer intern, helping with the social media engagement to support consumer rights for the Scottish public. 

I feel like every day is a highlight for me here, I treat every day as a new start and try my best to live and learn. I have become much stronger and more independent while in the UK. 

Siqi and friends trying different cusines. 
University of Glasgow's campus is perfect for a photoshoot with friends. 
Siqi exploring the local area with a friend. 
Siqi and friends playing in the snow.