'I chose the university of Dundee because it was working with the Scottish Police. It was really exciting because this gave us hands-on experience' Azyyati Zikir, MSc Forensic Dentistry, University of Dundee

In our film, we interviewed Azyyati Zikir, who studied Forensic Dentistry at the University of Dundee, Scotland.

Azyyati enjoys a varied career: she works as a dentist, as well as a lecturer at the University of Jakarta. In addition, she works for the International Emergency Service as a forensic dentist.

Azyyati offers advice to Hilya Audah, who is currently studying Psychology with Neuropsychology at Bangor University, north Wales.

Hilya is dreaming of becoming a university lecturer and developing the field of neuropsychology in Indonesia. 

'The advantage of studying in the UK is that the education here is internationally recognised as the best in the world' Hilya Audah, BSc student, Psychology with Neuropsychology, Bangor University

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Here is some information about the courses featured in our film:

MSc Forensic Dentistry at the University of Dundee

The University of Dundee’s Forensic Dentistry course addresses aspects of forensic dentistry which are the subject of expert testimony in courts and have the most relevance to forensic dentistry internationally. Students get the opportunity to work in a mortuary, assisting with dental identifications. They also attend real autopsies with pathologists, which make them aware of the complexity involved in the examination of a person's body after death. 

Find out more about studying Forensic Dentistry at the University of Dundee

BSc Psychology with Neuropsychology at Bangor University

Psychology with Neuropsychology will develop your understanding of the structure of the human brain, and how it functions to affect perception, thought, emotion, language and behaviour. For example in the first year you’ll take part in human anatomy practical with the life changing experience of working with real human brains. You will analyse what happens when the brain is damaged or impaired, as for example in head injury, stroke, Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease. You will study not only the effects of these conditions, but also how such patients can be helped through rehabilitation. You can watch video of the Human Brain anatomy module (as well as modules involving Zombie’s and Marathons!) on Bangor University's website.

As a very large school of Psychology Bangor are also able to offer you a large range of optional modules so you can focus on your areas of interest. They also have fantastic research facilities including a brand-new MRI Scanner, ERP & ECG facilities, Faraday cages and eye tracking so you’ll leave university having used cutting edge facilities to carry out your research. All that delivers a student satisfaction ranking of 5th in the UK (NSS 2019).

Find out more about this British Psychological Society accredited undergraduate Psychology with Neuropsychology degree at Bangor University in north Wales, one of the most beautiful and affordable parts of the UK. 

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