'My course involved opportunities for me to intern… [I worked] with music managers, one of them being Peter Jenner, Pink Floyd’s manager…that was a big deal for me.' Ritnika Nayan

In our short film, we connected with Ritnika Nayan, a Music Business Management alumna from the University of Westminster. Ritnika shared how her experience of studying in the UK has positively impacted how she manages her Delhi-based music consultancy company, MGMH. 

'If you live in a city like London… you naturally become hungry for success. You want to achieve something.' Manoj Kumar

We then caught up with Manoj Kumar who is currently studying for an MBA in General Business at Glasgow Caledonian University, London Campus.  Manoj told us why he chose to study in London and shared his thoughts about the UK’s unique teaching style.

Grow your career in just one year

The UK offers a variety of business degrees, including one-year MBA programmes, representing excellent value for money. Each degree is crafted to provide a global view of business, giving students access to world-class teachers with industry links, and opportunity to gain real-life practical experience and to grow their business networks. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or dream about a career in the corporate world, studying in the UK offers a true advantage.

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Music business management at University of Westminster

The University of Westminster’s Music Business Management MA course is highly regarded in both music business education and the industry at large. It will prepare you to become one of the next generation of music industry leaders and entrepreneurs. All teaching staff on the course are currently working in the music industry, and have developed a unique curriculum in collaboration with music industry leaders and organisations. 

Find out more about the MA in Music Business Management at the University of Westminster 

MBA at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU)

GCU London is a postgraduate university campus of Glasgow Caledonian University, and offers a range of MBA and MSc courses, high-quality teaching and links with international businesses. GCU London provides students with an enriching and diverse learning experience underpinned by a vibrant international, intellectual and cultural life. These unique MBA courses are designed with the needs of international business and society in mind, helping to build the skills, knowledge and experiences needed to become a successful and responsible leader in management roles across all sectors.

Find out more about GCU London

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