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A top-ranked university with world-changing research and a progressive approach to academia, UCL is a little bit different. It is home to innovators, industry disruptors, thinkers and change-makers. Students jump into studies and hands-on research across hundreds of programmes. There are a lot of ways to learn. At UCL, postgraduate students learn by doing—shaping the world around them with a hands-on approach. In a world that’s changing, you can change the world. And all it takes for you to make your mark? One year.

GREAT Scholarships 2021

University College London has six GREAT Scholarships available for the 2021-22 academic year for students from Bangladesh (one), Ghana (one), India (two) Kenya (one) and Thailand (one).

For eligible subjects, please visit the university website. 

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University College London

Key subjects showcase

Drug Discovery and Development MSc

You will gain extensive knowledge about the process of drug discovery and development from the initial drug target validation stage through to regulatory approval of a new drug. You will gain hands-on experience of molecular modelling and computer-based drug design, and analytical and synthetic techniques and be exposed to modern platforms for drug discovery.

Infection and Immunity MSc

The programme provides insight into state-of-the-art infection and immunity research, current issues in the biology of infectious agents, the pathogenesis, prevention and control of infectious diseases, and immunity and immune dysfunction. Students learn from UCL scientists about their research and are trained in the art of research by carrying out a full-time research project in a UCL laboratory.

Health Economics and Decision Science MSc

By the end of the programme, you will understand how the political, economic and physical context of health systems frames the application of economics and decision science. You will also be able to conduct rigorous cost-effectiveness analyses of health interventions and technologies to inform policy at regional, national and international levels. You will benefit from the programme's strong links to industry and gain a range of skills that are in demand from prospective employers.

Further information about University College London

  • 10th in the QS World University Rankings (2021)
  • 1st in the UK for research strength (Latest Research Excellence Framework)
  • 30 Nobel Prizes have been awarded to people who are, or were, students or academics at UCL.