Studying in the UK is good value for money – costs here are lower than in both the USA and Australia. According to research by HSBC, the average annual costs for international students were:

    • $30,325 in the UK
    • $35,705 in the USA
    • $38,516 in Australia.

Additionally, since this research was published exchange rate fluctuations have made the UK even better value for many international students.


Budgeting is part of student life! Before you come to the UK, make sure you know how you will pay for:

  • travel to the UK
  • accommodation
  • food
  • day-to-day living costs
  • travel and sightseeing in the UK
  • health and travel insurance.

If you have a scholarship or financial support, make sure you know what is and isn’t covered.

Use the UKCISA international student budget calculator to help you plan your budget.


The National Union of Students card and the International Student Identity Card offer great student discounts in many shops, restaurants and businesses. Have a look to see if you could save money with one of these cards.

Check out VisitBritain for lots more UK student discounts.

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