First year undergraduate women students buying posters for their rooms at the 'freshers fair' at Aberystwyth university at the start of the academic year UK.

aberCPC / Alamy Stock Photo

The first week at university in the UK is called ‘Freshers’ Week’. The first rule of Freshers’ Week is that there are NO rules to Freshers’ Week.  It’s a great opportunity for you to meet new people, make new friends and get everything in order before you start your studying.  To guide you through the week, Makaela Lewis who studies History at the University of Manchester has produced seven top tips. 


1. Be open-minded! Some of the best friendships are the most unlikely ones.

For everyone beginning university, you are likely to find a mix of different personalities, cultures and interests. Embrace this. It may be one of the only times that you meet so many different people, so try and make as many friends as you can,that you may not have immediately thought of as your 'type'. They may become your best.

2. Join as many societies as possible

The FreshersFair held on the first week of university is an amazing opportunity to really get stuck into university life and meet people along the way with similar interests and ambitions to you Join as many societies and clubs as you can. Even though you only have a vague interest in something, get stuck in anyway. 

3. Make an effort to bond with your flat mates

You may not think it at first, but your flat mates are likely to become your family at university. This is not to say that they will be your best friends or people that you have loads in common with. At the end of long days, happy days, and sometimes-homesick days, these will be the people around you. So don't waste time being shy, make an effort.

4. Manage your money

Money is an extremely important topic.You and your friends will have different budgets and allowances, so make sure that you organise your own. Somebanks offer an incentive for opening a student account, so although there will be a lot more interesting and exciting things on your mind, make sure that you get the boring (but crucial stuff) done and out of the way.

5. Don't miss out on the UNiDAYS and NUS discounts

Just one of the perks of coming to university in the UK (amongst MANY others), are the discounts that you are entitled to as a student. You can reap the benefits of discounts such as UNiDAYS, discounting major brands such as, Nike and Apple music and many more.This is an offer that will help you save your pennies. 

6. Missing home is normal

Diving into a new environment with new people and often, new culture is bound to be nerve wracking for most people starting university. Remember that everyone is in the same boat. You wouldn't be human without a little home sickness, however, there are things you can do to overcome it. Firstly, bring a doorstop to university with you. Leaving your door open during Freshers' Week is a good way for you to mix with your flat mates and let everyone know they are welcome. This will make you feel more involved in the new family that you have joined. You should also try to decorate your room and make it your own. Having a comfortable place that feels familiar and you can call your own means that you are less likely to feel like you miss the comfort of home. 

7. Enjoy yourself!

You won’t get this week back again so have fun and let us know how you’re getting on. Share your photos on Instagram using the hash tag #StudyUKFreshers. We will share the best of the week through our account @studyuk_britishcouncil