Roughly 500,000 people travel to the UK each year to learn English in the UK.

As the home of the English language and with a reputation for academic excellence, combined with a rich cultural heritage, diversity and blend of countryside, cities and coast in close proximity, the UK is the perfect destination to learn English.

Find an English language centre

English Agenda has a list of over 500 English language centres that are members of Accreditation UK. The list is split via regions of the UK to help you identify a centre in a specific UK location that has caught your eye! 

Search for a course 

From a one week general English course over the summer, English for Business, English & Scuba Diving and up to eleven months foundation/pathways courses to help you prepare for higher education, the UK has a huge range of choices to learn English.

The British Council’s partners in the Accreditation UK scheme, English UK, have a course finder for English courses in the UK. The course finder is available in twelve languages. Please note that some accredited centres aren’t also English UK members and so wouldn’t appear on this course finder. This isn’t an indication of the quality of these centres.

Free online English resources 

There are three, completely free to access, British Council websites with hundreds of high-quality and fun resources to help improve your English language skills. These are LearnEnglishLearnEnglishTeens and LearnEnglishKids

Support for students

The British Council has produced brochures to help you plan your trip to the UK and settle in on arrival, which can be found on the English Agenda website.

Accreditation UK

Accreditation UK is a quality assurance scheme for schools, colleges, and universities which offer courses in English as a Foreign Language (EFL). The scheme gives an assurance of quality to international students who are taking or are planning to take an English language course in the UK. 

Studying at a British Council accredited centre means that you can be assured the centre has meet high standards. Independent inspectors carry out regular inspections of all centres, which include checks on teaching, premises and accommodation. 

The British Council also has an independent complaints procedure to help you in case you have a problem whilst you are studying in the UK. This is to make sure that students studying at accredited centres are protected and enjoy a quality learning experience. 

Find out more about British Council accreditation.