During your studies, there will be an opportunity for you to develop the critical thinking, creativity and confidence that employers look for.

There may also be the chance for you to get involved in internships, work-placements, volunteering and dissertation placements. 

Work experience

Some courses include a year of working in industry allowing you to gain valuable experience in a profession you might consider after completing your higher education course.

Please check your visa status allows you to do this before applying.

Work placements 

"The opportunity to work in USA has been a unique experience for me, both on a professional as well as a personal level. I feel being abroad contributes even more to my personal development and maturity, such as having to adapt to working in different environments and cultures. All of which has been great character building for myself and I how feel confident with being out of my comfort zone in a diverse environment. In addition, I feel I can offer exceptional academic and practical knowledge in a synergy between international sport and business."

MSc Sport Business Management graduate Sebastian Karstensen from Denmark, spent three months on a placement with Massive Soccer – a football training academy in Florida – with whom Sheffield Hallam University has a partnership. 


Internships may be available as part of your course – it is important to research this.

In this short film, watch international students from Coventry University share their experience of working at Brompton Bicycles (a British manufacturing company that sells bicycles globally). 

Dissertation placement

"I decided to do a dissertation placement at IRCS because I wanted to do my research work on the impact of armed conflict on Kashmiri children’s well-being, and IRCS could support me in data sourcing. My experience at IRCS was satisfying and productive. In the future I plan to work with a non-government organisation working for children’s rights and so my placement at IRCS has given me a valuable experience of working in difficult region and with the most vulnerable section of the society. I now understand the practical difficulties faced in such areas and measures to mitigate them. I believe that this experience will not only make me a better employee, but has also made me a more sensitive human being."

Whilst studying at the University of Sussex, Gautami Srivastava, postgraduate student in Social Development went on a dissertation placement to the Indian Red Cross (IRCS).