Nishad on an MA film shoot

Independent film-maker - Nishad Chaughule

From: India
UK degree: MA in Filmmaking at the Northern Film School of Leeds Beckett University

Nishad and his fellow students started a successful career in film by scooping a medal for their short film Border Patrol in the Foreign Film category of the 2014 Student Academy Awards of the Oscars.

How did studying in the UK lead to your success at the Oscars?

The UK’s rich film and TV tradition helped me gain important practical industry experience, improving my skills and allowing me to practise my craft.

We were given the chance, the encouragement and the confidence to be active in the professional film industry. We were encouraged and expected to put ourselves up for awards and competitions.

As well as the success that my course mates and I had with Border Patrol, while studying in the UK I was also shortlisted for the prestigious Grierson Trust Documentary Award for Make me Louder, a documentary I directed.

How did your UK education shape you as a filmmaker?

I learned to see and appreciate other perspectives and different cultures

Studying in the UK made me a better film-maker and a storyteller, but most importantly, a more open-minded individual. I learned to see and appreciate other perspectives and different cultures.

The university environment was very cosmopolitan and I made friends from all over the world, which enhanced my communication and leadership skills. This really empowered me and boosted my confidence levels to handle all kinds of situations in different working environments.

Also, the geographical location of UK gave me the opportunity to travel in Europe in my free time and explore new cultures and places, which helped me shape into the person I am today.

What came after Border Patrol?

Border Patrol went on to win numerous awards at film festivals all over the world. Since then, I have worked on many film projects in Europe, Russia and India.

I am currently employed at the independent studio Sikhya Entertainment in Mumbai.

I am also a part of the initiative Man on Mars, a film distribution and creative network I founded with British and European partners for promoting upcoming and new filmmakers in Britain, India and Europe.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

There are too few independent film producers in the Indian film industry. I hope my success internationally as a young independent producer can give many wannabe film producers in my country the belief that they can break away from the norm and succeed without a studio backing them.

I believe that the work that the Man on Mars network does will make this hope a reality.

Nishad Chaughule was the winner of the Alumni Award for Professional Achievement, India, 2016.

Nishad filming on the Irish Coast
Nishad on his graduation film shoot in Germany
Nishad behind the scenes on a film shoot
At the Student Academy Award (Oscars) in Los Angeles

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