Journalist - Maupe Ogun

From: Nigeria
UK degree: MA International Relations and Development Studies at the University of East Anglia

Maupe is now a presenter on Sunrise Daily, one of Nigeria’s most-watched news and current affairs programmes, broadcasting to thousands of viewers every weekday morning.

Tell us about your work?

My UK course gave me the confidence to interrogate and ask the questions that people in authority don’t always want you to ask

I'm a broadcast journalist, currently employed with the most reputable news organisation in Nigeria, Channels Television.

I currently co-anchor on its hottest news and current affairs programme, Sunrise Daily.

I have worked at this TV Station since my return from the UK – my first job was on the international desk, then I moved to the politics desk.

I certainly feel I’ve made my mark on the show. Among the people I’ve interviewed are Nigeria's president, US President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

How did you find the experience of studying in the UK?

My experience in the UK, above anything else, expanded my horizons.

I had the opportunity to examine more closely the benefits of democracy as practiced in other countries – and not just in the UK. UK universities are very international. I was privileged to interact with students from other parts of the world and learn first-hand about their countries.

What really struck me about studying in the UK was that we students were given the platform by our tutors to ask questions from an enlightened point of view.

How did studying in the UK help shape your career?

My UK course gave me the confidence to interrogate and ask the questions that people in authority don’t always want you to ask.

As a news anchor, I thrive on asking difficult questions of the political class. This is essential to my job, and it demands courage at all times – particularly as the only female on the show.

How has your success had an impact on your country?

My country, Nigeria, is a young democracy – and 2015 was the first time that an opposition party came to power in elections that were largely regarded as peaceful, free and fair.

The media played a great role in this, with my TV station receiving a great deal of commendation for balanced media coverage, confirmed recently in an EU report on airtime granted to political parties. My programme was a great part of this, weathering intense pressure to ensure balance in coverage and interviews at all times.

Our professionalism raised the bar in not only election coverage in our country, but also for journalism in general. I am proud to be part of this success story.

The role of the media in keeping government on its toes cannot be overemphasised – and that's where I've made my mark.

Maupe was the winner of the UK Alumni Award for Professional Achievement in Nigeria, 2016.

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