Studying in the UK can open the door to opportunity, providing a life-changing experience that will enable you to work towards a successful career. 

A UK education will help you develop the critical thinking, creativity and confidence that employers look for. In addition, you will be studying in a global and welcoming country, that will enable you to connect with people from all over the world. 

There are lots of opportunities that will help boost your career prospects: 

Join a society 

Whatever your interest, there is likely to be a society for you. The value of joining one is that it will increase your employability prospects, enable you to make new friends and enhance your skill-set. 

Volunteer in your local community 

A great way to make connections, learn new skills and boost your CV, is by volunteering. You will gain invaluable work experience, make a difference in the world and get to know your local community. An experience like this will enrich your degree and help set you apart from other graduates when trying to secure a job after university. 

Apply for an internship 

Internships are a great way of bridging the gap between studying and employment. Having experience of the world of work, can help you secure a full-time job after studying. Internships are generally longer in duration, with more responsibility than volunteering opportunities. 

Consider a work placement 

Many UK courses are designed in partnership with organisations and taught by industry professionals. Trying things out through industry-based assignments and work placements is a great way to help you make informed career choices.

First class careers planning and support

  • All UK universities and colleges employ professional career advisers to give advice on how to plan your career, build your CV and prepare for interviews.  Contact the careers office of your chosen university or college to find out more about the services they offer. 
  • There are a host of UK based organisations that offer excellent careers planning and support. See the links below for organisations that can help you discover where your UK qualification could lead.

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