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    How my PhD in nursing in the UK taught me to think critically and why I encourage my students to do the same

    In 2017, Dr Balang became the first-ever male nurse from Sarawak in Malaysia to complete a PhD. In the UK, he learned to ask questions and find his own answers.

    'My love of seabirds led me to study marine biology in Bangor'

    Find out what led GREAT scholar Peter, from Malaysia, to study marine biology and why he would be happy to be a field biologist for the rest of his life.

    7 top tips on how to make the most of being an international student in the UK

    Hear tips from GREAT scholar Lourdes, from Mexico, from embracing your accent and celebrating your own culture to finding community and applying for awards.

    How I went from studying economics and statistics in the UK to launching India’s very first international reggae festival

    A few years after graduating from UCL, Raghav reinvented his career in light of the 2000s economic crash. He now runs one of India's most loved music festivals.

    From Kenya to Scotland: my life as a master's student in Aberdeen

    GREAT scholar Irene, from Kenya, shares her love of Scotland's natural beauty, the supported she's received, and how she finds peace when she's not studying.

    How volunteering in the UK has shown Thúy sustainable consumption in action

    While volunteering at her local Oxfam during her UK master's, Thúy, from Vietnam, realised that in the future she wants to establish her own eco supermarket.

    How my PhD in the UK prepared me to become a leader in the field of neurotech

    After doing his PhD in the UK, Alumni Award 2022 finalist, Davide, became a lead data scientist for Neurable, a reputable neurotech company in Boston, USA.

    'Studying forensic odontology in the UK gave me the expertise I need to help families in Pakistan find closure after tragedy'

    After graduating with her UK master’s, Dr. Falak Syed, from Pakistan, worked in an expert team to establish facts after a major plane crash in Karachi in 2020.

    10 things to consider when choosing student accommodation in the UK

    Find out what to look for when choosing student accommodation in the UK, and get ready to book the ideal student home just for you.

    'Since working in the UK I have seen a huge improvement in myself'

    Sure Lyn was able to stay in the UK for two years after her studies due to the Graduate Route. It has given her a chance to prepare for her future legal career.

    How my UK degree is helping me use sport to enact social change for young people in India

    After graduating with a master's in sports management in the UK, Suheil founded an award-winning business which uses sport to create social change in India.

    From the USA to Wales: how my master’s in Swansea has helped prepare me for a career in international relations

    Maya, from the USA, talks about her high-quality UK education, the 'little' moments she’s shared with friends, her travels to Europe and her career ambitions.

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